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Fancy Colored Diamonds – Get the Diamond in the Shade You Want

People love colorful items as much as they love their surroundings, that offer them with many distinguished colors. In short, colors are the essence of life. Imagine a world that just contains white and black colors or shades of grey only. It is almost impossible to survive in such a world. Though there are many options in the different gemstones such as sapphire and emeralds, there was not much choice in the color of diamonds until a few years back.

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While the naturally formed diamonds come in very small range of color, the man made synthetic diamonds can produce any color imaginable. The natural diamonds are either crystal clear or different shades of white. Apart from these two, the natural diamonds are available in blue, green, shades of red and pink, orange and black.

There is no such restriction when you opt for a synthetic diamond. The natural process has it that an element of a different chemical (something other than the carbon) if mixed with the crystal, gives rise to different shades. The same fundamental principle is employed in the lab made diamonds too. As these are in the hands of humans, they can get any chemical into the artificial crystal to produce the desired color.

Synthetic diamonds do not take more than a few weeks to get the properties of the natural diamond and are cheaper too. The synthetic diamonds are almost a replica of the natural diamonds and one cannot identify the high quality lab made crystals from the natural. It takes high tech equipment to identify and relate the diamonds to their origin.

Apart from the process of inducing any chemical, the lab made diamonds are also colored by subjecting it to different types of radiation. These diamonds can be used as the natural ones and adds a value to your jewelry collection. However, for the person who is serious about diamonds, the synthetic diamonds do not appeal. They always go for the natural diamonds as the synthetic diamonds do not have any resale value. It is also mandatory to get a certificate from the vendor about the diamond, in case you are buying a colored diamond. This certificate gives all the details and should be in accordance with the US laws related to the diamond sales.

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For natural diamonds, it becomes very high priced when it comes to colored diamonds. Apart from the clarity when you look for a colored diamond without compensating on the clarity, you will have to pay a fortune to get the color of your choice. For example, the pink diamonds are very costly as they are rare. There is no such problem in the case of synthetic diamonds. You can opt for more colors while spending less.

Knowing More about “D Flawless Diamonds”

A diamond is selected very carefully. When you are buying them, you pay attention to each and every detail of the diamond. It applies to the trade of both loose and set diamonds. You evaluate the diamond against all the four Cs: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat (weight). These factors determine not only determine the cost of the diamond but also the type of diamond: good, bad, or medium.

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Color and clarity play an important role in the definition of a good diamond. Very rare does it happen that you get both the best possible color with the maximum possible clarity. Such diamonds are referred to as D Flawless diamonds. Apart from being Flawless, they also have to maintain the cuts and carats to be the best diamond. D Flawless also contains great polish and symmetry to make it one of the best diamonds in the world.

D Flawless diamonds undergo all sorts of tests in a lab before they are declared Flawless. The gemologists working on the diamond issue a certificate that contains all the details of the diamond. You need not look further as the certificate is issued by licensed gemologists who adhere to the US diamond standards.

The Flawless are further classified on the basis of the color the diamond holds. A diamond above the J grade is whiter though there are many shades of the white color. Diamonds with a yellowish touch fall lower than the category J. The categorization goes down with the impurity in the white color, which is represented by alphabets that are higher than J, such as K, L, and M and so on.

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If you are buying a loose diamond, then it is better to view it on a piece of folded card. You will be looking for the shades of the white on the edges. Jewelers also keep sample stones that help you notice the difference. It is recommended to take someone having knowledge in the diamonds with you until you learn the tricks of identifying the best diamonds. D Flawless colors are the best by far in offering good shades of white.

D Flawless diamonds are also checked for any kind of impurity that may block the proper refraction of the light rays inside the diamond. There may be some empty space or some other element inside that obstructs the path of light. This results in less radiance. D Flawless diamonds are certified only after the gemologist is satisfied that there is no such impurity in the diamond.

Combining Diamonds with Pearls – Get the Extra Effects

Be it an engagement or the wedding itself, the bride looks for diamonds and pearls as she gets ready for the occasion. These are the jewelry that have been worn for years for such special occasions. Diamonds indicate long lasting relationship and loyalty while the pearls reflect transparency in any relation.

The diamond also symbolizes a goof fortune for the union or re-union and hence is the most wanted gemstone in such ceremonies. These traditions are not new. They are age old and no one knows how far back in history can these traditions be related. Traditions apart, diamonds also add brilliance to the brides’ costume.

The bride can use diamond and pearl embedded costumes from top to bottom (remember Cinderella and her costumes, especially the diamond studded shoe) along with a fine piece of jewelry. This makes her the attraction of the gathering and gives the special feeling the bride needs.

Pearls are the only gemstones that are produced by living beings. Pearls also indicate good fortune for the new couple as well as conveying the prosperity if worn during the occasion. Again even if do not go by the traditions, still the combination of pearls with the diamonds creates a look that people cannot forget easily. The combination adds the special touch of fairy tales to the weddings or any other special occasion.

One of the tough tasks is the selection of the right diamonds and pearls for the occasion. You get a wide range of combination jewelry as well as individual diamonds and pearl sets on the internet. You need to see your wedding gown or whatever you are wearing for the ceremony. After making a good mental picture of the dress, you need to check out the comparison sites or Google for the jewelry.

Once you are there, check for jewelry that goes well with your dress. Many sites also offer 3D views so you can see the other side of the jewelry also. This way, it becomes very easy to select the right diamonds and pearls for you.

You also need to pay a little attention to the budget. You may be tempted to cross the budget you fixed for yourself. Before finalizing the order, do a careful research so that you do not miss out on the chances of getting the jewelry within the range. You can open a comparison site to check out the price at different resellers for a piece of jewelry.

Loose Diamonds - Adding Glitter to your Life

Diamond stands for invincible in the Greek language. It is true too. A diamond is a very hard substance and is scratch resistant. This is why it takes a lot of labor in giving the diamond, a desired shape, and cut. People say that only a diamond can create a scratch on another diamond. Nothing else is as harder as a diamond.

Diamonds are natural formations. There is nothing artificial about it. People do create artificial diamonds but the ones we are talking about are the pure ones that have undergone several centuries of pressure in the Earth’s core to reach its present state. Many say that coal etc when compressed for a long time, results in diamonds. Most of the diamonds are white. If any chemical mixes into the diamond during its formation period, it can give you different colors such as green and blue. Some are also pink, orange, and yellow among other colors. Thus, color is an important contributing factor to the diamonds’ rates. The brighter the color, the more high is the rate of the diamond.

As such, a diamond is nothing more than a gemstone. Nevertheless, it has its own special qualities that make it stand apart from the crowd. These are the qualities that one should checkout before buying the diamond. The diamond should have a flat surface to let the light inside. Once the light is inside the diamond, it gets refracted by the natural layers and roughness it has by nature. Then it is the cuts given by the artisans that make it more brilliant as they know how to give the cuts so that the light ray that entered the diamond comes out with much more radiance.

Loose diamonds are the trend today. It does not matter that you are a gentleman or a lady. The loose diamonds are cherished by everyone. They are useful not only for investments, but also for the daily and special needs. Diamonds are the gemstones that can be used in your daily lives by way of bands, bracelets, and watches. For men, these serve not only as jewelry but also as a style signature.

The best method to find a perfect gemstone is to shop online. There are several retail stores that offer you all the details of the diamonds along with the rates. These diamonds are generally present with one wholesaler and the resellers try to sell them at the wholesaler rates plus the resellers’ rate. You can also use a comparison site to compare and decide where to buy the loose diamonds.

Engagement Dilemma With a Diamond Ring: Quick Tips

It’s really a tough decision and a brave act when you decide to propose someone to become your partner for the entire lifetime. More important decision here to take is about the manner in which you want to propose your beloved prince or princess. This vital problem can be addressed through quite a few ways like taking the person out on a dinner, proposing in a isolated romantic location, proposing through a ring. However, the best and the oldest way amongst these are to propose your partner through an engagement ring. A ring that is carved with beautiful diamonds is an easy way to express your deep feelings towards your love.

There are overwhelming diamond rings options available and some of these can lead you to the path of your choice:

The shape of the diamond and the ring always matters the most and helps you choose the right type of diamonds. The color and options come next in the priority list. There are several shapes available in the markets which come with different merits. Some of them are:

  • Round: The round shaped solitaire diamond ring is the most common shape and yet the most adorable one

  • Princess: This the most popular shape having squared diamonds. This is the most happening and adopted ring chosen by the hubby’s for their princess for their engagement.

  • Emerald: This is the shape wherein diamond is carved in a rectangular shape with noble style. This shape is not so radiant but it’s different amongst others and it gives a mirror look.

  • Oval: The name itself identifies the look of the diamond. This is the shape which looks charming when placed on small hands with short fingers.

  • Heart: This is the shape that is designed to show the presence of true love between the couple. This shape is usually designed in a locket form; but it is acceptable in the form of rings too.

  • Trillion: This trillion shaped was first formed in Amsterdam. This shape is traditionally a triangle shape in which the corner points are often open for interpretation. These looks of diamonds are complimentary for rings, earrings and even for bracelet.

  • Baguette: This shape is significant and comes with emerald shaped diamond. This shape is generally carved in the side stones to a larger stone which is placed in the centre. This is a classic shape and it’s really hard to match this shape with other ones.

After the decision on shape has been made, the cut and the carat matter most. Carats are essential as they help you to know the size and the weight of the stone and this also helps you to decide the money that you can spend on the purchase of diamonds. After deciding the carat, the cut is also a must job which you need to do in deciding and planning your engagement ring. After you plan out the cuts, you need to go for setting which is also available to you with couple of options. Thus, buying a diamond ring which is completely perfect is not quite an easy job.

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Tips for Buying Perfect Diamonds for Yourself

The most advantageous fact about finding diamonds is that none of your selection will turn out as a bad choice. This is because, every piece of diamond has the ability to earn praise and appreciation from you and people surrounding you. However, keeping in mind the distinct tastes for diamonds, there are some definite ways to end up buying most suitable diamonds.

Choose According To 4 C’s

The selection of finest diamonds is fueled by 4 significant C’s, which define four eligible characteristics of these precious stones:

  • First C is for cut of the diamond preferred by you. There are many popular trends followed in this direction, like round cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds.

  • Second C represents the color of the diamond. The colorless diamonds have not lost their admirers, but colored diamonds are also contending for huge appreciation in market.

  • Third C talks about clarity of the diamond. Considering the fact that clear diamonds are rarely found, you must decide upon the level of clarity you want kin your diamond.

  • Finally, C for carat represents the weight possessed by different diamonds and it also influence the taste of people for these stones.

Get Educated About Diamonds

While going through the process of buying diamonds, you must educate yourself about various aspects of these symbols of love and eternity. First of all, make sure you are at the right place for buying a diamond. You must be capable of evaluating different diamonds on the basis of their knack to blend perfectly with your personality. You can also analyze the diamonds preferred by celebrities, as these pieces have the potential of becoming fashionable in future.

Why You Need a Diamond

The choice of diamond may also depend upon the purpose for buying it:

  • The diamonds can be selected on the basis of different occasions like wedding and engagement, as different types of diamonds are suitable for different occasions.

  • If you want to gift diamonds to a near and dear one, your selection must add delight to his or her life. And by doing so, you will be memorized by the recipient for long time.

  • The diamonds for personal jewelry collection must be purely based upon your personality, your profession and regular occasions you will be using them for.

Ultimately, it is your level of comfort and budget limits, which act as deciding factors for your choice for diamonds. Keep in mind the fact that diamonds are the most admired possessions of a person and there should not be any scope for compromising with these treasured chattels.

Diamonds as Status Symbols

As a status symbol few things can equal a diamond. A big diamond is the best way to show the world that you have the money and you know how to spend it too. Most of the times, these pieces of jewelry are safely tucked away and rarely seen. How many times have you seen the Esther Williams famous Champagne ring or the Taylor Burton pear shaped diamond?

If you want to go about purchasing a diamond, the best way to do that is to find a good jeweler. You must also know about the grading system of diamonds. Different articles already present on the internet will help you in understanding the basic 4 ‘C’s of diamond grading. After reading up on the fundamentals, you jeweler might throw some more light on the issue.

The most widely known and respected grading laboratories in the world are the American Gems Association (AGS), the Gemological institute of America (GIA), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). These three laboratories have joined hands and developed common nomenclature for identifying the 4 ‘C’s of diamonds. These stand for Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

A carat is 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. It is always referenced within 2 decimal points. Just to get an idea of the system, the Golden Jubilee, the largest faceted diamond weighs at 545.67 carats. On the other hand, the Taylor Burton diamond stands at 69.42 carats. This scale is very accurate in predicting the weight or size of the diamond. But it is not possible to apply a value to a diamond using this alone.

The next thing to consider while buying a diamond is the color of the diamond. A white diamond is not white but the one that has no color. Colors in diamonds are because of impurities that get trapped in the diamond, while it is formed. A white diamond is rare and is given the grade (D). A pale diamond, on the other hand is given the grade (Z). Diamonds of a grade higher than (Z) are considered fancy diamonds.

Clarity grading is very tough to master and it usually requires gemologists’ years of education and practice to master. While performing clarity grading, the number and nature of defects in a diamond are taken into account. To this end a diamond is looked at from under a 10X magnification lens.

Finally, the cut of the diamond is another factor that determines the price of a diamond. The cut has nothing do with the shape of the diamond. A good cut will make the diamond shine and sparkle brightly and the best cut diamonds reflect the incoming light best.